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MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT MECH 2X 12G OC (Pre-owned)

MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT MECH 2X 12G OC (Pre-owned)
MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT MECH 2X 12G OC (Pre-owned)
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  • Model: 6700 XT
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Powerhouse performance, forged for 1440p domination.

Key Features:

  • AMD RDNA 2 architecture: Engineered for high-performance 1440p gaming, bringing vivid visuals, ray tracing, and cutting-edge features.
  • 12GB GDDR6 memory: Provides ample memory for demanding games and creative workloads.
  • Boost Clock up to 2620 MHz: Unleash enhanced performance with overclocking potential.
  • Dual TORX Fan 3.0: Efficiently cools the card under heavy loads, ensuring optimal performance and quiet operation.
  • Solid metal backplate: Enhances rigidity and heat dissipation.
  • AMD Infinity Cache: Reduces latency and power consumption, delivering exceptional performance and efficiency.


  • Interface: PCI Express Gen 4
  • Memory: 12GB GDDR6
  • Boost Clock: 2620 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 16 Gbps
  • Power Connector: 8-pin x 2
  • Display Outputs: DisplayPort x 3, HDMI x 1

Built for 1440p gaming: Experience immersive, high-fidelity visuals at 1440p resolution with smooth framerates and exceptional detail.

AMD Smart Access Memory: Unleash additional performance when paired with an AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor, optimizing data transfer between CPU and GPU.

Performance-focused design: The MECH series prioritizes essential features for peak performance, with a dual-fan cooling system and rigid backplate.

Unleash your gaming potential: Conquer the latest AAA titles and experience stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and lightning-fast responsiveness.

Warranty: 03 Months

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